compact rotary Table p5w

compact rotary Table p5w
  • Rack and pinion patented movement.
  • continuoysly adjustable stroke
  • through hole in the pinion.
  • optional rubber end stroke or hydraulic shock-absorber.
  • mid position stop (mps)

hydraulic clamp VB

hydraulic clamp VB
  • single acting cylinders with built-in hydro-pneumatic intensifier
  • compact size for large forces (up to 2700 dan)
  • operated using a compressed air supply, no special installation required 
  • easy adjustment through a fully threaded body

shock absorbers mc sc

shock absorbers mc sc
  • compact and heavy duty versions 
  • high energies absorption 
  • low return force 
  • long service life 
  • increases productivity 
  • reduces maintancenance

universal grippers p5gc

universal grippers p5gc
  • compact design 
  • double acting, square jaws 
  • automatic grip retention by mechanical system 
  • total jaw opening (180º)
  • high reliability